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M.A.D. Squad Devonwood DX Schooling Show September 23rd & 24th 2017

So proud of my ladies and their horses. Successful schooling show, and for many in my group, the first time down centerline in a long time. Special shout out to Jessica Ruth and Charlie! Very first show for both of them and both were rock stars! Charlie and I pulled out a 67% at Training 3 and First 2 and Jessica nailed her Intro Tests with mid/high 60s! They were beautiful Tests and couldn't be more proud of this pair.

Myla and Bella both had a fun, positive show experience, Myla James Natvig attempting training level for the first time and did a great job staying calm and focused. Beautiful moments and great experience gained. I was super pleased with Bella in our First level test 2 classes, scoring in the mid 60s. Excited to work with this pair over the Winter to get them out for 2018 season.

Susanne and Sloane had a blast in their first show together and even participating in the DX trot pole class! Sloane is such a special mare and Susanne Tringali has done an outstanding job building their partnership. Can't wait to See them shine in the ring again in 2018!

Amy McKune Eldred and Ripley's Toy were amazing! This woman is so inspiring to my other riders and her five yr old giant is an Angel. It is wonderful to see his training progress slowly and correctly and Amy has done a super job with him! Loved seeing her canter around her trot pole class, this Team rocks!

Lastly, huge shout out to Cloudette Heichel and her young horse Felix! This was Cloudette's first time down centerline in 5 years and her baby Felix's very first outing. He was SUCH a rock star and they looked stunning together. Such a proud Moment as their trainer to say i started that horse about 5 months ago and can confidently hand him off to his mom to have a successful first outing. He handled everything like a champ! Such an exciting future for these two

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