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Dressage Lessons Beaverton - Dressage Trainer Beaverton

Training & Lessons

Lessons and training rides are interchangeable. 

                              Fee Schedule

Single private lesson/ training ride
(45 minutes)                      $55

Lunging                             $20-$45


Group lesson
(50 minutes)                      $40 each

Lesson On School Horse
(45 minutes)                      $100 -  $130


Additional Haul-In Fee:      $10 for lessons

                                           $20 to use all facility amenities


Off site/ clinic lessons/rides: $75+ travel/time


Contact Us To Schedule

Board ranges from $650 (No Run)  $750 (With Run)


Dressage Training in Beaverton and Dressage Lessons in Beaverton

Other Services

Whether you are seeking an established program, or are just looking to add a little dressage to your repertoire, Mercedes can come to you! 


Use of Equicube                            $5/ride

(free for those in full training 3+ days/week)


Sales & Consultation                   10% commission  


Horse shopping/consulting        $65/hr plus expenses


Show coaching/riding                 $75

(not in full training) show coaching/riding horses in full training will count

towards training package)


Tack stall                                   Split



Braiding                                       $40

Bath                                             $50

Full Groom                                   $35

(brush, detangle mane/tail, hoof oil, towel wash face)

Sheath Clean                              $40

Mane Pull/trim                             $35



Touch up package                     $45

(muzzle, jaw line, bridle path, fetlocks)

Misc Care


Water bucket fill                          $5/day


Admin. meds/wound care          $2-5/day


Cold hosing/ice boots                $5-$20


Additional turnout services         $5/day


Fly mask/blanket changes          $5/day


Hand walking                              $10-20

Hold for Farrier or Vet                  $60



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