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Dressage Trainer Newberg, - Dressage Lessons Newberg


Kelly Marriner-Smith

Creekside Show Stable

"Mercedes is a class act and a beautiful, well educated rider. She is thorough, patient and kind with the horses and truly inspiring to watch ride. My hunters and jumpers greatly benefitted from her rides and I would highly recommend her to anyone with an interest in good dressage."

Vicki Bauer

Williams, Oregon

"Mercedes Andazola is the ideal of what a young horse person should be.  She is passionate about her sport and works very hard at it. She has the integrity and the guts to get the job done. It is not easy to get where she is, but she did it with honor and courage.  Anyone who trusts their horse with Mercedes will truly get their money’s worth."

Gloria Bloomberg

Newberg, OR

"Mercedes has been a great help for me when I was really struggling with training issues  at a show. She is firm yet kind to the horse. She is attentive, and full of knowledge to help get you past the roadblock you are facing. I also love her dependability. I highly recommend her for lessons or training difficulties. Not to mention she's sweet and beautiful!"


Chrissy Brennan

Beaverton, OR

"Mercedes is a talented, balanced, knowledgeable, diplomatic, and humble rider.  She has a true passion for the sport, and is always considering the long term health and well being of the horse above all other goals. She is quiet and consistent in her training, as well as practical, informative and persuasive in her lessons. She has an uncanny ability to yield outstanding results from every horse she rides regardless of age, skill, or discipline. I highly recommend Mercedes to any rider, regardless of discipline or skill level. "

RoSanna Braccioforte

Portland, OR

"Mercedes is talented, smart, dedicated, passionate, experienced way beyond her years, fair and never gives you an undeserving “Well done”. Mercedes was just the medicine my mare and I needed to become one.  I simply told her what my goal was and she took us there without all the B.S. I would not have gained the confidence I needed to continue to grow and improve if it wasn’t for Mercedes.  She is a brilliant trainer who relates to both horse and human from the ground up."

Cherice Withers-Melchior

Portland, OR

"I got my horse after not riding for 20 years. I grew up riding Western and decided when I got my horse that I wanted to learn to ride Dressage. Mercedes was our trainer and she is amazing! She trained a Western rider and Western built horse Dressage conditioning and riding techniques and we actually placed 1st and 2nd in our very first schooling show! I would recommend her as a trainer for horses and riders of all levels."

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