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Meet & Greet Clinic - Woody Acres

NEWBERG, OR- We had a great time at Woody Acres! Everyone came together and worked hard to prepare for this event. Our team met some new people and new horses - thank you for all of your support! It was really nice to demonstrate some ground work with a hot warmblood mare coming back into work after being off for 6 months. It is so important for me to stress basic horsemanship - especially with a more difficult horse. We also had the opportunity to bring out the Cavaletti poles for an arabian gelding to open up his stride and get him to let go with his topline. I love using cavaletti because they mix up the daily routine for the horse and they can work wonders for the gaits. After attending several clinics and riding with Conrad Schumacher, who is notorious for working everyone over cavaletti, it is one of my favorite tools.

Something else that I loved about this event was the wide variety of horse breeds and skill levels. Arabians, warmbloods, draft breeds, and crosses. Some are just learning to accept the rider, others coming back into work, and others with aspirations to succeed in the show ring this season. So much fun to work with you all!

Cheers, Mercedes.

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