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Dressage At Devon 2017 Recap

A super successful weekend for the M.A.D. team at Dressage at Devonwood 2017. My young rider star/working student. Krista easily qualified for Championships for JR/YR Training level. Her and her awesome QH Rebar also dipped their toes into First Level for the first time and finished with a 63% and 2nd place out of a class of nine! This pair is going to kick butt at Championships!

Mary Ann and her lovely mare Lia showed together for the first time in several years. It was also the first time Mary attempted First level. Not only did they receive two qualifying scores towards Mary's Bronze medal. but they also walked away with a red and blue ribbon!! I was such a proud trainer to see this pair in the show ring and have them do so well. Both Lia and Mary have come extremely far from where they were when I first met them a couple years ago. I also had the pleasure of showing this lovely mare to qualify and compete in First level Open championship and she was a star. High 60s and a highlight score of 74% for the win out of a class of 21! I also debuted the mare at Second level with a score of 63+%. Really excited to bring this fabulous mare up the levels, not to mention bring Mary closer to her Bronze through the upcoming years.

William and I are learning a ton going through our first season of Grand Prix. Lots of little improvements throughout the weekend, along with lots of challenging spooky/tense moments! Even though the scores may not stack up to my personal goals, I have gained knowledge and experience from the process of having a challenging run through the test on day one of competition, then setting small goals to make improvements in the test as the weekend goes on. To then see the results from your game plan and focused goals is really rewarding.

The energy and support from my crew and loved ones made it impossible not to have a blast and enjoy the beautiful weekend with our awesome horses. My crew is something really special and I am beyond thankful!

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