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The Last Score For Gold!

The first horse show of 2018 is a wrap! William and I came out to greet our show buddies and of course, the rain. This will be my second season showing William at Grand Prix. After a winter of tactful, and focused schooling, both of us went down centerline last weekend with more confidence, relaxation, and understanding. I was hoping for the last score I needed for my gold medal and came within half a percent on Saturday. However, I was so pleased with the ride and the improvements we both have made since last season. Sunday I got the score for my gold and it was so cool to share the moment with those of my friends and students that were with me. It is something that needed some soaking in, but I am so proud of my accomplishment, my horse, and the M.A.D. program that I have built. Looking forward to cleaning up the bobbles in the test, even more, this season. See everyone at Heart of the Valley!

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