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A Horse Shopping Guide: How to Avoid Common Horse-buying Pitfalls

PORTLAND, OR- Whether it be a young prospect, an old schoolmaster, or a middle aged project, the process of finding, buying and then training your new horse is always exciting. And in hopes, rewarding. It may be a little slower and complex process than we imagine - even though we try to prepare ourselves as best we can. Extremely thorough vet checks, lots of questions asked, hours of studying the sales videos and background history is in order. In most cases the horse is relocated to a different barn (if not different state or county), and has new people, and a new environment to cope with. As many good horsemen say it takes about a full year to have a good idea of what you've got in yo

Scratching the Ownership Itch: An Amateur's First-time Horse Buying Journey

NEWBERG- My horse journey started when I was a little kid. My grandfather and his wife had horses. When we would visit, I wanted to spend all of my time in the barn with the horses: I was infatuated with them. When I was 15 my family moved from California to Oregon, so we weren’t able to visit as often and eventually, they sold the farm. In my twenties, I was overjoyed when I saw a Groupon come up for 6 one hour sessions for $250. I didn't know what to expect when I showed up. I was concerned about being an adult versus a child and wondered if the trainer would be comfortable working with an inexperienced adult. Luckily, the trainer was very nice and charming. I enjoyed our sessions and knew

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