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"Bears Above the Ground" ODS league show at Yamhill County Fairgrounds

SALEM- We had an excellent "get your feet wet for 2016 season" show this past weekend at Bears Above the Ground ODS League show. I had the pleasure to show alongside one of my star young riders, Kellyn Poe. I was very proud of both Kellyn and her lovely 22 year old Arab mare Mikie. This year they are attempting first level. Saturday they cleaned up, earning two blues, with their best score being a well deserved 62%!!! Very impressive among a mixed class of JR/YRs, AAs, and Open riders! "Thank you all for being so supportive of me and Mikie this weekend. I had lots of fun. Mikie and I have come a long way thanks to you guys!!

My mount, Lia, owned by Mary Ann Trout also did very well. Lia is very green as far as show experience. Taking her out to shows is more about overcoming her mental challenges rather than the challenge the test presents to her. After dealing with a stressed and anxious Lia when in her stall, a lot for shying and reluctance to approach "C", or corners....or rails, we ended the first day with a 58%.. Nothing to shake a stick at considering it was her first time doing first level, being very show green, and executing the entire test not going near any of the corners or short sides of the arena!!! Sunday was very successful with only one big spook and actually going all the way to "C". Still rode her very conservatively but was able to pull of a 67% and 2nd out of a class of 10!

My dear friends and students Mary Ann and Vickie Smith did a great job helping make the show run smoothly. Mary was a fantastic show manager and am grateful for all of her hard work and support. Vicki was also a kick - butt volunteer and can't wait to have her and her horse out at the shows in the future! I am so lucky and proud to have such an awesome MAD team.

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