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Tips on Dressage Lessons in Sherwood

Many students of horseback riding lessons in Sherwood often discover that developing a secure seat is very significant to how well they perform dressage. It is not uncommon for a student to discover during dressage lessons in Sherwood that they can so easily fall off. Learning how to properly absorb, rather than rigidly control a horse’s movements during lessons is vital. A good dressage trainer in Sherwood can be helpful in teaching you how to soften your physical grip of the horse while still managing to maintain balance.

How you handle the reins will also strongly influence how easily the horse will respond to your guidance. The reins are the principal line of communication to horses, so learning the correct techniques in positioning your wrists and hands is important. It basically involves keeping your wrists vertical, with the palms facing each other, and hands closed into fists, with the rein held between the thumb and forefinger. A good dressage trainer in Sherwood will advise you to use your ring finger to feel the horse’s mouth. This will be key to helping keep your horse on the bit, as you undertake your horseback riding lessons in Sherwood.

It is common for first time students to feel frustrated with their training right off the bat. A good instructor will take the time to make students of dressage lessons in Sherwood understand that mistakes will be the order of the day, and patience is fundamental to this kind of equine training. No matter the methods of dressage riding you are pursuing, it will take time for your horse to adapt, so do not get sensitive about it. Even during competition, your teacher should have informed you that each movement is judged individually, so how well you recover from an error and move on to the next movement is critical. Also, be sure to select horseback riding services in Sherwood that offer the disciplines you want to try.

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