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2015 USDF Dressage at Lake Oswego Review

LAKE OSWEGO, OR- Congratulations to Chrissy Brennan and her 5 yr old Thoroughbred cross Sloane! Dressage at Lake Oswego 2015 was the pair's first recognized show. I am so proud of Chrissy for doing such a great job progressing as a rider. Starting her riding career only several years ago, her dedication and hard work is already showing through. She earned a 65% and a 68% at introductory level. Chrissy is a joy to teach because she cares so much about what is correct and what is the best for her horse. I also had the pleasure of riding Sloane In the training level classes and earned a 73% and two scores of 74%. I love working with this mare because she is smart, sensible, and I am really enjoying watching her transition from a wobbly, uneducated young horse to a lovely, capable dressage horse! Green horses with green riders is never an easy undertaking, nor is it recommended. Seeing this team do so wonderfully at this show verifies that if you take the time that each horse and rider needs, (even to make the smallest baby steps) you can successfully begin the journey up the levels. I am very excited for what the future has in store for this horse and rider.

Happy Riding!


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